Exploratory and Collaborative Studies Platform
  • A New Generation of Digital Library
    for Research and Learning

    Enhanced digital publishing based on XML, a whole new reading experience. The literature service and knowledge service go deep into individual research and learning

  • Knowledge Innovation
    Construction of Personal Knowledge

    Research-based study is designed to satisfy the needs of different groups of readers which include inquiry principle, gain a mastery of a method, summation and knowledge innovation

Core Functions

Fully Fragmented Content

Dynamic and interactive reading modes based on XML fragmentized processing and indexing

Research-Based Study

Notes, notes compilation, abstracts and content dynamic reorganization

Writing & Contribution

Online writing, direct citation function of abstracts and notes

Academic Social

Communication and research collaboration with global readers

Knowledge Management

Personal knowledge and achievement will be better preserved and managed

Meet the Needs of Different Groups of Users


Full support for master and doctoral students
Topic selection, literature review
Pager writing and submitting
Learning data management


An indispensable tool for college teaching and research
Understand and master the latest research trends
Academic writing and publication
Document collection,management


Insight into academic hotspots and construction of academic networks
Find out the latest research directions
Academic exchange with global scholars
Assemble and precipitate knowledge according to the knowledge framework


Professional service platform tailored for scientific researchers
Access frontier articies and hotspots
Classification of other’s research methods and test data
Propose new methods, create research achievement and submitting